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Affiliates are select non-profit organizations that wish to help promote flag sales for the Field of Honor®. Approved Affiliates receive a portion of the proceeds for their fundraising efforts based on the number of flags sold through your organization. Your school club, church, or non-profit organization can become an “Affiliate” through which people can order flags, and your organization shares in the revenue as a fundraiser.

NOTE: All previous affiliates must re-apply for 2024!

Please review the 2024 Affiliate Agreement before proceeding. You can download the PDF by clicking here. You can fill out and mail the PDF, or you can complete an application online below.

Affiliate Agreement for Field of Honor® Flag Sales

This agreement is between the Rotary Club of Georgetown TX Foundation Field of Honor® Committee (Host) and the below-named Affiliate, as an Affiliate Fund Raising Group (AFRG).

The above mentioned AFRG has the permission of the Host to promote flag sales (for $45 each flag, plus $10.00 shipping if selected by the purchaser) on behalf of the Host from May 1, 2024, through Nov 16, 2024, for the 2024 Georgetown Field of Honor® (FOH) – a licensed event throughout Central Texas.

Affiliate Application
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You must upload your verification letter in order to participate as a Field of Honor™ affiliate!



a. The AFRG and their members will actively promote online flag sales for $45.00 each flag. The Host will donate a portion of the proceeds per flag (as shown in Section I.f below) that is purchased online through the AFRG within 30 days following the completion of the 2024 Field of Honor® event and reconciliation of funds.

b. The amount donated to the AFRG is dependent on the total number of flags sold on the FOH website using a dedicated QR code (provided by the Host to the AFRG) or when the buyer marks the AFRG name on the website drop-down list upon purchasing a flag or flags by November 16, 2024.

c. The payout for flags sold by the AFRG is determined by the highest level achieved on the payout scale below. The per-flag donation to the AFRG by the Host will be paid only for flag sales and does not apply to any supplemental donations or SWAG sold at the Field. *The AFRG must have a minimum of 10 flags sold online to receive any compensation. If the minimum of 10 online flag orders has not been secured by 11/16/2024, the AFRG forfeits compensation for any flag sales.

d. The AFRG organization name will be added to the dropdown list on the flag sales page upon receiving a signed agreement. The organization’s name will be added to the list on the Affiliate page of the FOH website upon achieving the required minimum of 10 online flag sales. The AFRG name will also be listed in the FOH Keepsake Program and will be acknowledged on the Affiliate banner at the FOH if the minimum of ten flags have been purchased online through the AFRG by the printing deadline of October 18, 2024.

e. If a buyer places their flag(s) order(s) by visiting the Georgetown TX Field of Honor® website directly rather than through the dedicated QR code provided by the Host, the buyer must check the AFRG organization name under the “Affiliate Sales” drop-down box at the start of the flag order process in order to receive Affiliate credit for the purchase. Note: Flag sales will not be retroactively credited to the AFRG if the buyer does not use the QR code or fails to mark the Affiliate name on the website when ordering a flag or flags.

f. AFRG Flag Sale Payout Scale:

Number of Flags


*10 flags


11 to 25 flags


26 to 49 flags


50+ flags



a. An AFRG that provides a total of 20 hours (or more) of qualified volunteer time at the Field of Honor® between November 8, 2024, and November 17, 2024, will receive an additional two dollars ($2) per flag on the payout rate as specified in section I.f. AFRG volunteers must submit their time(s) served to the Chairperson/Director of the area served who will track and verify service rendered on the day(s) that volunteer services are provided by the AFRG.

b. The online volunteer signup pages will be available by September 1, 2024, at: Volunteer time is not included for attending FOH committee meetings or field trips (not required). Volunteer time can be accrued during field set-up (11/8/24) and take-down (11/17/24), by serving in the flag sales tent for shifts throughout the week of the event (must sign up online for available shifts), and/or by assisting in field operations and/or daily event set-up throughout the week, serving as a docent, or for providing other requested assistance as requested by the FOH Chair, Field Operations Chair, Flag Sales Chair, or Volunteer Chair, or Student Field Trip Chairs throughout the event.

c. Many visitors purchase flags during the week of the FOH event. Volunteers that serve in the flag sales tent assisting visitors to place flag orders online may only designate flag sales to their AFRG sales if the buyer independently initiates that request. Solicitation for AFRG credit by an AFRG member during the event is not permitted at any time, whether in the sales tent or on the field.


The Host will provide the following materials and reports to support flag sales by the AFRG:

a. A dedicated AFRG QR code and link to the FOH flag sales page on the website for the AFRG to use on their website and other approved materials to promote online flag sales. When the AFRG QR code or dedicated link is used to purchase a flag, the system will automatically add the flag purchase to credit the AFRG through whom it was purchased and will count toward the total number of flags sold by the AFRG.

b. An electronic, printer-ready version of the Field of Honor® rack card will be provided so that the AFRG can print color copies as needed (at the AFRGs expense). Printing must be in color on at least 110 lb. index paper or 80 lb. cover paper.

c. Posters will be provided upon availability as requested and picked up by the AFRG by arrangement with the Host Affiliate Chair. AFRGs are encouraged to print labels with the QR code to attach to the posters along with the organization’s name and message that states that purchasing a flag using this QR code will benefit the AFRG.

d. Monthly reports will be sent to all AFRGs indicating the number of flags sold through their dedicated QR code, link, or as selected on the dropdown box. All AFRGs are listed on this report.

e. In order to ensure proper credit is given to the AFRG, the AFRG must use the aforementioned dedicated QR code or link in their efforts to promote flag sales to prospective flag buyers.

The AFRG must place the dedicated QR Code on their organization’s website and social media with appropriate language that encourages visitors to support their fundraising efforts through online flag purchases.

Note: Any use of the FOH name or logo must follow style guidelines as this is a licensed event. Contact Nic Leschke, Affiliate Chair, to confirm appropriate style and/or to get approval for promotional materials developed by your organization.

f. The Host will send monthly reports to the AFRGs of online orders received.


a. The AFRG shall designate a member of their organization to take the lead on promoting flag sales through their organization, to answer questions and assist members and flag purchasers with online ordering, and to serve as the Organization Liaison to communicate with Affiliate Chair, Nic Leschke.

b. Two representatives from each of the top three AFRGs will be invited as guests to attend a Rotary Club of Georgetown Field of Honor® Celebration lunch meeting in early 2025. These AFRGs will be recognized during the luncheon. The top Affiliates will be included in the final celebration event press release. All other AFRGs are welcome to attend by making reservations. Tickets are $15 each.

c. All flags will be set up on November 8, 2024, at the event field in San Gabriel Park, 445 E. Morrow St., Georgetown, TX, and will remain on display through Sunday, November 17. Flag purchasers or their designees may pick up their flag(s) and dedication tag(s) at the field in San Gabriel Park on Saturday, November 16 from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. or on Sunday, November 17 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Flags not picked up by 3:00 p.m. on 11/17/2024 become the property of the Rotary Club of Georgetown Foundation. Flags (and poles) can be brought back the following year (if they are in perfect condition) to be re-posted for a $25 donation.

I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions above.

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